1953-62 C1 Corvette Frame Conversion


We start with a brand NEW OEM Frame w/ all conversions made to frame to accept 1984-87 Corvette suspension.

-Aluminum torque arm
-Motor mounts welded to frame
-Transmission mount bracket
-Rear shock brackets to hub carrier
-Front shock brackets
-Front radiator support

Since we are using a NEW stock C1 Corvette frame all your bumper brackets, fuel lines, body bolts, gas tank brackets, and everything else will line up just like stock. (You have to modify the spare tire carrier in the trunk, you will still be able to use a stock C4 spare tire, and cut just a little relief in the inner front fender wells- that is the only body modification that must be made with this Corvette frame conversion).

Stage Options

Stage 1 Conversion $11,750
Stage 2 Conversion $27, 500
Stage 3 Conversion $47, 299

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