1953-62 C1 Corvette Frame Conversion


All of Stage 1 PLUS:

-84-'87 Front and Rear Coilover Corvette Suspension with DANA 36
-Rear end completely rebuilt w/ new seal-bearings, and a new 3.73 ring and pinion
-Suspension assembled to frame
-NEW QA-1 coil overs w/Ei-bach springs
-NEW drilled and slotted rotors (front and rear)
-Rebuilt Calipers with Stainless Sleeves, O-Rings and Speed Bleeders
-NEW brake pads (front and rear)
-Energy suspension master bushing kit
-NEW Upgraded Front Timkin Hubs
-NEW rear tapered bearing hubs
-NEW Moog upper and lower ball joints
-All U-Joints and Ball Joints Have Grease-Serts
-Rebuilt rack 84-87 sport steer
-NEW AC Delco Tie Rod Ends
-NEW complete aluminum tie rod assembly
-NEW VBP smart strut
-NEW 1 inch front sway bar
-NEW parking brake shoes
-NEW custom made SS parking brake cable
-NEW bump stops
-NEW AC Delco U-joints for half shafts
-NEW stainless steel brake lines w/AN fittings
-NEW stainless steel fuel line
-NEW braided stainless steel brake hoses (front and rear)
-All Stainless Bolts, Nuts, Washers, and Clips
-Frame Sand Blasted and Primed with 2 part epoxy/2 coats chassis black epoxy/and components powder coated chassis black or chrome
-Inside Of Frame Is Encapsulated with Bill Hirsch products

Since we are using a NEW stock C1 Corvette frame all your bumper brackets, fuel lines, body bolts, gas tank brackets, and everything else will line up just like stock. (You have to modify the spare tire carrier in the trunk, you will still be able to use a stock C4 spare tire, and cut just a little relief in the inner front fender wells- that is the only body modification that must be made with this Corvette frame conversion).

Stage Options

Stage 1 Conversion $11,750
Stage 2 Conversion $27,500
Stage 3 Conversion $47,299

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